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Why Should Medical Experts Have All the Fun?

For decades, medical professionals have had access to online webinars for improving their knowledge and skills.  Now we have webinars just for people who LIVE WITH type-1 diabetes! 

Type-1 University features 14 courses covering a variety of topics pertinent to living successfully with type-1 diabetes.  Each 30-60 minute course comes with a pdf copy of the presentation slides that you can keep for future reference or print out for note-taking purposes.  Watch wherever and whenever it is convenient for you! (popcorn and fuzzy slippers optional)  There is also a placement exam for each course to find out if you already know the material.

Type 1 University Course subjects include:

Tuition is on a per-course basis… just $25. 

To find out more or to take your first course, visit https://www.type1university.com