Where to Donate Your Unused Diabetes Supplies to Those in Need

diabetes supply donations

As people living with diabetes, we know that not everyone always has access to what they need to manage well. And emergency needs arise.

We at Integrated Diabetes Services are trying to do something about it. We serve as a “clearinghouse” for diabetes stuff – accepting donations (or purchasing at a steep discount) from people who have extras, and making them available to people in need.

Diabetes Supplies That We Currently Accept

Items we can NOT accept:

  • Used meters – electronics recycling programs

  • Opened packs of lancets or syringes (can use closed-pack donations for training purposes)

  • Insulin (if you really want so to send it, we can use it for training purposes but it can’t go to patients as it will spoil)

For items we can not accept: We recommend considering local shelters or organizations that support undocumented workers to donate items not listed above or to donate in your local area.

*Please keep a record of your donated items and shipping expenses for your tax records.
Valuation can be found at: goodrx.com