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How to organize diabetes management when two or more family members have Type 1 Diabetes in your home

All parents know the chaos, or at least the ongoing, never-ending, ever-changing, relentless pace of parenting. 

Adulting, parenting, being a responsible and caring adult child of aging parents, being an attentive spouse, working, staying up on the sports and music-related schedules of your children, AND managing your own T1D, plus overseeing or supporting the  T1D management in one or more of your children can be “a bit much.”

*Note: This is an UNDERSTATEMENT in case you missed the sarcasm.

Taking some time to get better-organized cut down on wasted time and frustration for me, personally.

We are able to avoid running out of supplies, needing to make last second phone calls and rushed trips to the pharmacy, or calling around to find a place that carries something we need.

It is still time-consuming since there are plenty of phone calls, texts, and e-mails to keep tabs on regarding appointments, meds, and supplies, but having a good system in place that works for our family has decreased frustration and increased safety in our home.

Happy Organizing!!

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