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WEIGH TO BE YOU Makes Its Debut!

Integrated Diabetes Services is excited to introduce Weigh To Be You, a weight management program specifically for insulin users.

This unique four-month program helps participants develop and implement customized strategies for achieving steady, long-term weight loss.  Individualized coaching is provided by Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists/Weight Management Experts via virtual sessions as well email/ text interactions. 

“What makes this program truly special is that it integrates diabetes management with weight management,” says SaRene Brooks RD, CD, CDCES, Integrated Diabetes Services’ Director of Nutrition Education and Weight Loss Services.  “By staying clear of high and low glucose levels, we give our clients the best opportunity to see results.”

Weigh To Be You participants will learn how nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress impact their weight and their ability to better manage their diabetes. They will have the opportunity to meet with specialized educators to help with their individual needs and encourage them along their journey. Making lifestyle changes with increased weight loss will provide easier diabetes management and improved energy levels all while reducing the risk of developing other chronic diseases and related health problems.

Another unique aspect of the program is the strategic planning phase.  “Most people have spent years and have had multiple unsuccessful attempts at losing unwanted weight,” explains SaRene.  “Nobody plans to fail, they just fail to plan.  We spend most of the first month exploring what has and hasn’t worked and getting to know each participant’s likes, dislikes, talents and interests.  That allows us to lay the groundwork for short and long-term success.”

For more information or to register for Weigh To Be You, please contact Integrated Diabetes Services at 877-735-3648 (in N America) or +1 (610) 642-6055 (outside N America).