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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

Congratulations to Andrea Sidman of Thousand Oaks, CA, mom of 14-year-old Ian (who has had T1 for five years) for correctly answering last month’s trivia question:  What percentage of time do DIY hybrid closed-loop system users spend in the 70-180 mg/dl (4-10 mmol/l) range? 

The correct answer, based on data presented at the 2018 ADA Scientific Sessions, is a stunning 82%. 

Do-It-Yourself hybrid closed loop systems include Open APS and the Loop app.  Both require a certain amount of technical expertise and some special equipment, but if you’re looking for some seriously tight glucose control, there’s nothing better.  Our own Jenny Smith has become our resident expert on these DIY systems, so if you’re interested in learning more, contact us and schedule some time to speak with Jenny. 



quarterback with diabetesWith (American) football season upon us, let’s see who can name two former NFL quarterbacks who have type-1 diabetes.  

The first person with the correct answers wins their choice of book from our online or in-office store.

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