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Congratulations to Lisa Haaf of Lancaster, PA (and mom to an 11 y.o. boy with T1) for coming closest to estimating the calorie content for the infamous (yet delicious) Bloomin’ Onion appetizer:  a whopping ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CALORIES.  That’s more than an average day’s total calories recommended for most adults! 

Guesses ranged from 150 to 4,200 calories; Lisa estimated 2000. 


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Besides a number of FDA and EU-approved hybrid closed loop systems, do-it-yourself (DIY) systems such as “Loop” and “Open APS” are gaining in popularity due to their enhanced capabilities.  According to data presented at the recent ADA Scientific Sessions, on average, what percentage of time do DIY hybrid closed-loop system users spend in the 70-180 mg/dl (4-10 mmol/l) range?

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