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trivia questionTRIVIA TIME!

Congratulations to (not mean) Joe Greene, a T1 pump/CGM user from Jacksonville, NC.

Joe was first to answer last month’s trivia question:  How much carbohydrate is in 6 ounces (170g) of chips? 

Answer:  90 grams.  This can be calculated by multiplying the grams of weight by the “carb factor” for chips:  0.53.  Contact our office if you’d like to learn more about carb factors and other creative techniques for improving your carb counting skills.

Integrated Diabetes ServicesAnswer our type 1 diabetes trivia question and win a free book!


While we believe strongly in an individualized approach to insulin dosing, there are certain formulas that we often use when getting started.  One of those is the “1500 Rule” (the 85 rule if you measure in mmol/l) – divide 1500 by your total daily dose of insulin to estimate your correction factor.  WHO is credited with coming up with the 1500 rule?

The first person to answer correctly will be recognized for their infinite brilliance, and wins their choice of book from our online or in-office store!

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