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trivia questionTRIVIA TIME!

Congratulations to Valerie Martinez, mom of three and pump/CGM user from Fredericksburg, VA.

Valerie correctly answered last month’s trivia question: What percentage of continuous glucose monitor users use sites other than the FDA-approved abdomen for their sensors?

Answer: 64%. Researchers at the University of Utah School of Nursing analyzed hundreds of social media posts to find this out. Not-surprisingly, use of “alternate” sites produced similar failure rates and accuracy levels as use of the abdomen… Proving once again that the people are way ahead of the government when it comes to making things work.

Integrated Diabetes ServicesAnswer our type 1 diabetes trivia question and win a free book!


One of the most bizarre (and morbid) sayings ever has to be “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” When it comes to diabetes, this is certainly the case. How many different CLASSES of blood-sugar-lowering diabetes medications are there? Insulin is one, but there are many others – both oral and injectable.

The first person to answer correctly wins their choice of book from our online or in-office store, and will be named “cat skinner” of the month (yuk!).

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