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trivia questionTRIVIA TIME!

Congratulations to Kathy Hebert, pump/CGM user, Harley rider and proud mother & grandmother from Breaux Bridge, LA. 

Kathy was first to answer last month’s trivia question: 

What does “diabetes mellitus” mean? 

Answer:  Sweet, or honey-like urine.  Legend has it that “physicians” in ancient Egypt diagnosed the disorder by tasting the urine of those afflicted.  Perhaps this explains why there was a shortage of physicians in ancient Egypt. 

Integrated Diabetes ServicesAnswer our type 1 diabetes trivia question and win a free book!


Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) use is definitely on the upswing.  Technically, the devices are approved for use on the abdomen because that’s where they were tested as part of the FDA approval process.  However, we all know that they work just dandy on other body parts.  A recent study examined thousands of online postings of photos by CGM users, and found a wide variety of sites used for CGM sensors.  What percentage of CGM users use sites other than the abdomen?

The first person to answer correctly wins their choice of book from our online or in-office store, and will be praised for the keen insight in the next edition of Diabetes Bites.

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