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Join us for our next, highly anticipated, Time Out for Caregivers of Kids or Teens with T1D!

  • When: Tuesday, December 5, 12pm Eastern Time!
  • Topic: Discussing Diabetes with Family Members  – Learn what to share, when to discuss, and when to ‘hold’. What to do with the Diabetes Police or Negative Naysayers.

The holidays are coming! This means family, food, drinks, and fun. Mostly.

Whether this is your first year into diagnosis, or your 5th, you may have encounters that require some self-control. “Should he/she be eating that?” is probably the most common phrase we hear. (cue eye-roll) You most definitely aren’t the first parent to get this kind of comment.

It’s important that we teach ourselves how to handle unsolicited advice and not let it take away from the festivities.

Don’t miss our last session for YOU this year!!!!