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timeout caregiver program

The Time Out for Caregivers Program is underway at Integrated Diabetes Services!

    If you have a child, teen, or young adult with type 1 diabetes, this program is for you!

    Come and interact with other caregivers to find support and a safe space to share insight and experiences. Each virtual session is facilitated by Award-Winning, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists at Integrated Diabetes Services who are raising a child (or TWO!) with Type 1 Diabetes.

    The professionally-led sessions provide strategies for stress reduction, mindfulness, and effective coping.

    “What a great opportunity to be heard without being forced into the circle of discussion.”

    Check the Time Out For Caregivers  IDS website page. It will give you more information on our topics and directions on how to register for the classes that interest you.

    Take care of YOU so you can take care of them!

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