ids pocast

Developed and produced by the world-renowned team of clinicians at Integrated Diabetes Services, The Podcast provides a weekly update and critical review of hot topics specifically for people with diabetes who use insulin.

Host Gary Scheiner MS, CDCES brings a guest expert to each podcast to cover everything from product reviews to innovative therapy options to fun and interesting things happening in the world of diabetes care. The only real limits are what is in the best interest of you, the audience. We won’t hesitate to praise what we like and slam what we don’t like, because we’re not obligated to promote any particular company, product, or diabetes management approach.

What we say is based on decades of experience caring for patients along with our own unique personal insight. So if you’re ready to hear the (sometimes) hard truth about matters that affect you and your life with diabetes, tune in each week. You’re sure to hear something new and useful. Or at least you’ll be pleasantly entertained.

What happens when a group of outspoken, opinionated diabetes specialists, who personally live with diabetes, step in front of a microphone with no restrictions on what they can say?

You get “Think Like A Pancreas… THE PODCAST!”