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Life Insurance that is just for people with diabetes. Sounds interesting, no?

John Hancock has teamed up in a joint venture with Google Inc. and Sanofi to introduce this new type of life insurance policy.  The product will offer premium discounts and other rewards to policyholders with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who do things like eat nutritious foods, exercise or meditate.

As an added bonus, policyholders who maintain healthy blood sugar level will earn points they can use for premium discounts and other rewards. Improvements in blood sugar levels will also earn points. You even get some points just for submitting your information.  Policyholders will also have access to Onduo, a Newton-based firm that offers a virtual clinic for diabetes patients, including online coaching and clinical support.

In announcing the new product, Hancock cited research showing that of the approximately 30 million Americans with diabetes, half do not have life insurance or do not have enough life insurance. Many people with diabetes report that they don’t think they qualify for life insurance or that the policy will be too expensive for them because they have diabetes.

Last year, Hancock approved 88 percent of the life insurance applications it received from those with type 2 diabetes, according to the company.

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