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virtual grocery store series

The Grocery Store, Demystified for people with type 1 diabetes

by, IDS Intern, Krystal Bosenbark, MPH, MS

Depending on where you live, the grocery store can be a big place filled with endless food and beverage options. There are usually multiple different varieties of the same item, helping shoppers find and pick the exact type they prefer.

However, for people recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or for those who are embarking on a weight management journey, the grocery store can transform into an intimidating, and even overwhelming landscape.

Where do you start?

Which foods should you focus on?

And how do you know what you’re choosing will work well for glucose management?

What you’ll learn:

Let us demystify grocery shopping for you. In our new virtual grocery store series, we’ve made videos that take you through the main areas of the store, discussing carbohydrates, produce, dairy, protein, sodium, and fat.

Along the way, we’ll give you suggestions on what to look for in each section of the store, discuss how to read a nutrition label and identify the valuable info among the phony advertising, and we’ll touch on how to choose foods that will meet various diets and budgets.

In addition to all of this, the last video in the series will be a meal-prepping tutorial, where we show you how to create delicious and nutritious meals from items we discussed throughout the tour.

We loved making these videos, and hope you’ll learn some tips and tricks that will help you walk confidently through the grocery store because choosing nutritious and delicious foods shouldn’t have to be hard!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the IDS YouTube page or other social media platforms to join us on this journey through the grocery store. See you soon!

Episode 1: Learn all about CARBS!

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