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Annettes insightsAnnette’s Insights!

With fall in full swing, I can’t help but get excited with my kids as the fall leaves start to change, pumpkins appear on everyone’s doorsteps, and anticipation builds about what festivities we will participate in (and what treats my kids want to eat).

Just as the fall leaves change color, our lives are full of change. It seems that as I find myself happy and comfortable, life changes, whether it be for good or bad. I truly believe that it’s all about perspective. Watching the fall leaves change and fall off the trees can bring thoughts of dread for the need to rake, and the eventually shovel snow, if you’re lucky like me and have the greatest snow on earth. I have to admit, it doesn’t seem so great when you’re trying to dig your car out of it. But I digress. The leaves can also bring thoughts of excitement: for the beauty of nature and the fun winter brings. I am somewhat of a ski bum, so I do enjoy hitting the slopes when I get a chance.

fall leavesBut how do the seasons changes relate to diabetes? And what do those changes mean for blood sugar control?

Most anyone with diabetes knows that many things affect blood sugars. As the weather gets colder, I find that I’m not as active as I am in the warm weather, and my insulin needs generally go up. There are also those activities I mentioned earlier, like shoveling snow and skiing, that can cause quick drops in blood sugars that cause lows.

The key is anticipating these changes and knowing what to do to keep yourself safe. If you find that you need help with understanding your diabetes, making changes to settings, or want to make changes to how you’re managing your diabetes, let us help you! We’re available and eager to help you through any change life may throw your way, big or small.

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