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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

social media

The Diabetes Social Media Community,

by Kathryn Gentile

Social Media has become a popular way to spread information about new technologies and advancements. Additionally, it’s a great way to surround yourself and meet people that also live life with diabetes.

There is most definitely an online community that you can look to for support and to learn from each other. It has been said that being on social media and following other people with diabetes can help to improve management and emotional health. Personally, I first learned about fiasp, afrezza, and baqsimi on instagram. Not to mention, it’s a great way to raise awareness.

It is important to check with your CDE, endocrinologist, or Health Care Provider about what you see on social media to avoid misinformation. Not everyone providing advice online is qualified to be giving it and may be harmful.

With that being said, we see great benefits of being on social media as people that live with type 1 diabetes. Our team of CDE’s are dedicated to help people live happily and learn about advancements that can make it easier to do so. We are on Facebook (Integrated Diabetes Services), Twitter (@Integ_Diabates), and Instagram (@integrated_diabetes_services) if you would like to follow along with us!

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