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Diabetes Bites Newsletter
diabetes museum

Museum “Curator” and IDS Intern Adwoa Bekoe can’t believe we used to use all this weird stuff.

The Diabetes Museum Wants Your Stuff!

There’s a lot to be gained from studying history.  We can learn what worked and what didn’t.  It inspires innovation.  And it can give us a greater appreciation for how far we’ve come.

To that end, we at Integrated Diabetes Services (IDS) are creating a Museum of Diabetes Treatment right here in our office. 

We already have some seriously outdated stuff, but there’s always room for more!  We’re especially interested in:

  • pre-meter blood/urine testing equipment
  • pre-1990 insulin pumps
  • vials of obsolete insulin (such as Lente or Illetin)
  • stones used for sharpening syringe needles
  • old diet plans
  • anything else that puts the current state of care in the proper perspective

If you have anything to contribute to our Museum of Diabetes Treatment, please send it to:

Integrated Diabetes Services
c/o Museum Curator
333 E. Lancaster Ave., Suite 204
Wynnewood, PA  19096

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