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diabetes in the news

The “Art” of Diabetes

Below is the next set of photographic images contributed by Karen Callan, expressing her thoughts & feelings about living with T1D and having a spouse with T1D.

 To learn more about Karen’s work,  please visit karencallanstudios.com!

A One year supply of John's spent insulin pump infusion sets

A One year supply of John’s spent insulin pump infusion sets

One years worth of Karen's insulin pens

One years worth of Karen’s insulin pens

One year worth of John's empty insulin vials

One year’s worth of John’s empty insulin vials

We here at Integrated Diabetes Services can meet your individual needs. Our diabetes educators focus on a variety of specialties. Some of these include education for newly diagnosed, type 1 and pregnancy, optimizing the use of devices, weight loss for insulin users, as well as insulin management for athletes.  

For more information, call 877-735-3648 (in N America) or +1 (610) 642-6055 (outside N America).

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