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The “Art” of Diabetes

Living with diabetes isn’t just about numbers, calculations, and dosage titrations.  There is a persona and a story behind every reading.  Karen Callan decided to apply her photography skills to describe her husband’s life with the “Big D” and was gracious enough to share her images with us.

Below are more photographic images contributed by Karen Callan, expressing her thoughts & feelings about living with T1D and having a spouse with T1D.  To learn more about Karen’s work,  please visit karencallanstudios.com!

Karen administering daily insulin injections

Karen Karen administers daily insulin injections one of her (on average) five daily insulin injections, which adds up to more than 1,800 each year

Karen's diabetes supplies

Karen’s diabetes supplies for her morning run

Callan insulin vials

One year’s supply of John’s empty insulin vials

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