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Diabetes Bites Newsletter

thanksIt takes a lot of work to manage a chronic condition like diabetes.  Every day there are so many variables to navigate.  Some variables you can plan adjustments for, but others are kind of like avoiding boulders in the road and require quick reaction.  Living with diabetes, we have a lot to think about and often we feel alone on the road to healthy management. It helps to find someone to really talk to and work with who gets the day to day things that affect BG and can show the way to navigate.

Working with a diabetes educator who also lives with type 1 and shares a common factor like being an athlete, a mom, a dad, a spouse, etc. can make a difference in how you learn to apply information. When you can talk to someone who has ‘walked the walk” so to speak, the education seems a bit more personal and you might find more confidence in applying the info when you know it has worked for someone you trust.

At Integrated Diabetes Services, all of us live with diabetes as well as having the clinical knowledge to shed light on how to navigate safely. Each of us has our own experience in Life with Diabetes and we try to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest tech, products and tools so we can share them with you. Along the way we get to meet a lot of wonderful people, and we learn a bit from each client we help.  There are a lot of great educators out there – IDS is not the only team who gets it (although, 3 clinicians in one office that all “get it” is pretty rare!).

I’d like to say Thanks to all Certified Diabetes Educators who take the time to help those who live with diabetes to live well and enjoy life!

Have you had a major change in your ability to manage life with diabetes? Is there someone who has inspired you or helped you along the way to achieve your goals? If so, consider sharing your story with Healthmonitor. Nominate someone who has inspired or made a difference for you!

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