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Pros & Cons of the Tandem Mobi
(compared to t:Slim X2)

Going with a Tandem pump but can’t decide between the traditional t:slim X2 and the new Mobi? Tandem Mobi as compared to t:Slim X2
Here’s a list of Mobi pros/cons that might be helpful.

  • Unique Advantages of Mobi

    • All programming can be done through compatible phone app
    • Half the size of traditional pump
    • Choice of 5” (or longer) tubing
    • 30u Minimum fill
    • Extended boluses can be programmed through phone app
    • Adhesive sleeve/patch option for adhering pump directly to skin
    • Less insulin wasted during priming
    • Simpler cartridge filling process
    • Clear cartridge allows users to see remaining insulin level
    • Water resistant up to 8 feet for 2 hours
  • Potential Disadvantages of Mobi

    • Must use phone app for bolus calculations & most programming
    • Short tube option only available with 90-degree soft canula infusion set
    • 5-inch tube has potential to snag
    • No display screen on pump: Glucose graphs/data and alarm details on phone only (Pump status lights on pump)
    • Currently compatible with Dexcom G6 only
    • No time entry for exercise override
    • Must have Tandem online account to view reports and share data with HCP
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