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ADA Scientific Sessions 2018: Gary’s Top-5 Observations

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As usual, this year’s American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions didn’t place much emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.  There was food everywhere, and trust me, we’re not talking fruits & veggies.  But there was a great deal of research presented on diabetes medications and devices. 

Diabetes Friendly Foods

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What do I eat? Diabetes & Diet If you are new to living with diabetes (or you've lived with diabetes for years and you are looking for information), you've likely heard a lot about food and how it can affect your blood sugar. Your favorite Aunt might have lovingly told you to stay away from “white” food, and your oh-so-helpful co-worker may have said to avoid “Carbohydrates” – it can lead to a lot of confusion. Food is a basic necessity of life – we need to eat – yes, WE ALL NEED TO EAT!! With the right information as well as some self-evaluation you’ll start to learn how food affects your blood sugar. However, it helps to have a place to start. There are plenty of diabetes friendly foods you should continue to eat and some that you might need to add to help keep your blood sugar levels under control. A good list to get you started will help with making a grocery trip a bit easier and give you some results that please you as well. The foods you eat have a direct effect on your blood sugar levels so eating food to help keep glucose levels in target is key when we talk about preventing complications down the road. It also helps to understand a bit about how the body works to move the food we eat into our body for energy. After eating our digestive system breaks food down into smaller pieces - the one that affects blood sugar most is carbohydrate. This is broken down into a simple form of sugar called glucose. When our body gets the signal that it has been fed, insulin is released by an [...]

Are Two Hats Better Than One?

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We all have many hats that we wear in our lives - parent, partner, colleague, community member etc. For me, two of my most important roles are that of being a mother and a Diabetes Educator. The fact that my son has type 1 diabetes means that these roles intersect and overlap on a regular basis.

The Top Ten List of Comments that People With Diabetes could do without!

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Today, we bring you the top ten list of comments we'd rather not hear, and some thoughts on how we might comment when we do hear them.

Balancing Diabetes: 10 Clever tips, tools and useful reminders

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It’s great when there are tips or tools that help us remember when to do something or products that make carrying all our “stuff” a bit easier. Little thing can helps us balance diabetes a bit better.

G’day everyone, from Australia

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G'day everyone, from warm & humid southeastern Australia. Been here for four days now, lecturing at hospitals in Brisbane, Melbourne, and today in Sydney. Interesting to note the differences between cultures and how diabetes is managed. The physicians and their support team of diabetes educators try to be aggressive with care, but they're a bit limited because of the lack of government/insurance funding for pumps, CGM, etc... There are also fewer medication options here, so things like Amylin and Victoza just aren't used. Unfortunate, because the people here are clamoring for more. I've spoken with hundreds of type-1s who are still on injections but longing to go onto pumps & cgm. Many are footing the bill themselves. I found it inspirational that they take their diabetes care seriously enough to do that. Met woman whose husband and FOUR sons all have type-1. One of her sons plays professional rugby. She started her own company that makes assorted supply cases. She even came up with these mini finger wipes for cleaning fingers before doing BG testing. Neat! On a lighter note, the major pro sports here are rugby, soccer, cricket, and australian-rules football. Those guys take a serious beating! Make American athletes look like wimps. Going to attempt to run over the giant bridge in Sydney harbor later today... hope my cranky foot (plantar fascia) holds up. Signing off from Sydney! - Gary