Tandem t:slim X2 and t:flex Insulin Pump 2018 Reviews

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Pros & Cons of the Tandem t:slim X2 and t:flex Insulin Pumps Unique Advantages: Pros X2 has software/features updatable through download from website Bright, full-color touch screen Modern, high-tech appearance Compact, thin dimensions Rapid number entry/fastest bolus entry 2-Way Bluetooth (X2) allows full integration with multiple devices, including smartphones & CGM X2 displays data from Dexcom G5 T:flex holds up to 480u Charges; No disposable batteries Can calculate boluses up to 50 units (60u with t:flex) Site-change reminder w/customizable day & time Graphic on-screen history display Carb counting calculatorTemp basal up to 250%, 72 hrs IOB & time remaining displayed on home screen Missed bolus reminders customizable by day of week Alert for high temperatures Secondary basal programs can be linked with secondary bolus formulas Limited unintended insulin movement with changes in pump position X2 with G6 and Basal IQ – Low prediction, basal suspend feature (suspends on prediction of BG 80 or lower, restarts basal with 1mg/dl rise in BG in suspension) Potential Drawbacks: CONS Hybrid closed loop features pending Small buttons can be difficult to activate; screen goes blank if buttons missed 3x Unlock procedure required to perform any programming No attached clip (must put in a case that has a clip) Tubing connector looks “medical,” can snag on clothing Proprietary tubing connection, cannot use third party infusion sets. Basal & bolus settings in same time slots; may take several steps to edit Extra confirmation steps with all programming Weak vibrate mechanism No meter link Company’s long-term viability is uncertain; pump is their only product Requires charging 1-2x/week