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Freestyle Libre 14 hour Continuous Glucose Monitor Review

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Pros & Cons of the Freestyle Libre 14 hour Continuous Glucose Monitor Unique Advantages: Pros No calibration needed Sensor life 14 days Single button press insertion Low profile transmitter Lowest cost 1-hour warm up (shortest) Glucometer built into reader Reading updated every 60 seconds, recorded to memory every 15 minutes, Sensor stores up to 8 hours of data if not read. Reader accepts notes or events Medicare approved Data upload software Potential Drawbacks: CONS No realtime high/low alerts Need to carry reader and scan sensor to get data No “sharing” feature Calibration not available to improve accuracy. Widest inaccuracy in low glucose range Reader requires up to 3 hour charge every 7 days Freestyle software uploading can be confusing and reports are not interactive May be impacted by Vitamin C and aspirin Events must be entered at time of event (cannot back-enter) Transmitter adhesive may not last 14 days A Flash (meter) in the pan: My Review of Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitor after 10 days, by Alicia Downs It’s Libre, Man! In-Depth Review of the Newly Approved Freestyle Libre, by Gary Scheiner Analysis of accuracy for the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor