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CGM comparisons

In-Depth Review of Senseonics Eversense CGM And It’s Pros/Cons

I first learned about the Eversense implanted continuous glucose sensor while attending the American Association of Diabetes Educators annual conference.

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FDA Recommendations For Diabetes Management Are Largely Ineffective

Diabetes management, if limited to FDA recommendations is largely ineffective.

Ketogenic Diet and Diabetes Management

We've all heard about the "Keto Diet", but is it good for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Get an unbiased breakdown from 2 Certified Diabetes Educators.

Freestyle Libre2 14 Day Continuous Glucose Monitor Review

Pros & Cons of the Freestyle Libre2 14 Day Continuous Glucose Monitor Unique Advantages: Pros No calibration needed Sensor life 14 days (longest disposable sensor duration available) Easy [...]

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