Survey for pregnancy with type 1 diabetes – Glu

Jennifer Smith, RD, LD, CDE

jennifer smith

Have you gone through pregnancy with type 1 diabetes? Are you considering a pregnancy?

The research and surveys done through Glu surveys up to this point has already shown that there insufficient published literature about past pregnancy management. This new survey hopes to change this.

type 1 diabetes and pregnancyThe level of interest for women with type 1 diabetes who would like to have a child is high based on earlier studies Glu has conducted.  They are launching another survey to study more. This new survey hopes to focus on challenges women with T1D have across stages from pre-conception through pregnancy. The study aims to look at health outcomes, preconception, use of different tech tools (Pumps/CGMs/monitors), and management from the patient’s perspective throughout the pregnancy.

Once the results are complete and evaluated, Glu intends to submit the results for publication. The goal is to share the importance of these issues with all those in the T1D community.

If you are a women who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before becoming pregnant who is at least 18 years of age or older and/or have given birth in the past 10 years you are eligible to take the survey.

If you are a woman that fits this criteria, PLEASE take the time to take the survey—your input will help to assess the needs of women of childbearing age with type 1 diabetes!

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