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Are Children and teens with type 1 diabetes more at risk for stress-related disorders?

An article published in “Diabetes Care, 2022” shared findings from a study based in Sweden that children and teens who have type 1 are at higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related disorders. Due to the “mental load” and burdens that come with type 1, the study concluded that childhood-onset type 1 diabetes required antidepressants or other psychiatric medications over those in the same age group without diabetes.

This is particularly interesting because in most cases, psychiatric care is not tied to the normal endocrinologist visit and should be considered being put into practice not only for the patient but for the caregiver. It has also shown that caregivers of those who have type 1 also are at higher risk for depression and anxiety depending on the age and independence of the child they care for.

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