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Simple Strategies for Glucose Management with Restaurant Meals

glucose management tips at restaurants

I can’t say it any better than Adam Brown from diaTribe. 

We work on using fancy features of our pumps like extended bolus and temporary basal to outsmart the effects of the restaurant meals, but it isn’t perfect. Often in fact, these meals leave us feeling like we failed with our management strategies. The meals may often be double (or triple!!) the amount of carb we normally eat in a meal we prep at home, so why is it so confusing when our BGs go crazy after eating out. Even the best counted carb meal from using the nutrition facts data can cause BGs to soar – so annoying!

How can we get around this, especially if you are like many people and eat out more than you eat at home due to work, travel, etc?

Read Adam Brown’s great tips on how to take charge of your management when eating out at any restaurant.

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