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IDS fitness challenge 2020

IDS Social Media Fitness Challenge

Do you like fitness or are you looking for motivation to get moving? We’re excited to announce that we will be doing a fitness challenge on social media March 2nd-March 6th with great prizes to give away!!

The 5 Day Fitness Challenge!

Here’s how it works: Each morning, we’ll post what that day’s physical challenge will be. You will then upload photos of you taking on the challenge and tag us to show us that you participated for a chance to win.
That’s it!  this will also be a great learning opportunity on how to manage your blood sugars during exercise.

 *Be sure you’re following our platforms so you can participate!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/integrated_diabetes_services/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/integrateddiabetesservices/

At the end of the challenge 5 winners will be chosen! Stay Tuned!

Here’s how to tag us and become a participant:

  • Go to Instagram or Facebook and select the photo to upload.

  • If posting on Facebook: In the caption type “@IntegratedDiabetesServices” This will show our page and you will need to click on it to select. It should then show
    up in the caption as Integrated Diabetes Services highlighted light blue.

  • If posting on Instagram: Either type “@IntegratedDiabetesServices” in the caption and click on our page when it appears(you can also post to your story)
    OR after going through the editing steps, just under the photo prior to clicking share-click “Tag People”, tap the photo, and type in “integrated diabetes
    services”, when our page comes up-click on it and press done, then press share.

  • Once your photo is uploaded and we are tagged, you are officially participating in the challenge and have a chance to win a prize.

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