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Think Like A Pancreas - 3rd Edition

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The 3rd edition of Gary Scheiner’s Think Like A Pancreas is now available. The new edition features everything that made the first two editions “essential reading” for everyone who takes insulin, including:

  • The pros & cons of various insulin programs
  • Fine-tuning basal and bolus insulin doses
  • Adjustments for food, physical activity, and dozens of other factors
  • Addressing & preventing highs & lows
  • Effective use of pens, pumps, CGM & other technologies

Special additions to the 3rd edition include:

+Use of new insulin formulations/delivery systems

+Selecting & optimizing hybrid closed loop technology

+Self-analysis & adjustments based on CGM data

+New adjunctive medication options

+Handling of dietary fat & protein

+All new & updated resource listings

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