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Diabetes Bites Newsletter
axe throwing group

IDS staff and partners (left to right): Tim Valle, Annette Valle, Danielle Scutti, Amy Carr, Kristen Garron, Tim Garron, Debbie Scheiner, Gary Scheiner, Lisa Carr, Karen Bellopede, Dan Bellopede, Nancy Siegel, Anthony Pino. (not shown: Diane Herbert and Jennifer Smith)

Question:  What does the IDS staff do when not battling diabetes? 

Answer:  We throw axes! 

This year, for our post-holiday team event, we headed to “Bury the Hatchett,” an axe-throwing facility near the famous King of Prussia mall.  This was the first time any of us had ever thrown an axe (in a legal sense, anyway).  After the requisite safety training, we all practiced our techniques and then participated in a tournament.  Happy to say, no limbs were severed and a good time was had by all. 

Winner of the IDS Axe-Throwing Tournament:

Kristen Garron RD, LDN, CDE shows off her new tools of the trade.

axe throwing kristen
axe throwing nancy

Office Manager Nancy Siegel shows what’s in store for people who fail to follow proper office procedures.

axe throwing annette

Don’t mess with expectant moms!  Despite being 6 months pregnant, Annette Valle RN, MSN, CDE lines up her throw. 

Social worker Diane Herbert MSS, LSW, CDE has uncovered a new technique for relieving stress.

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