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IDS Review of RxSugar’s Allulose Sugar Substitute and Other Products

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Typically, when I plan to eat a treat that I am making, I adjust the recipe as much as possible to allow for lower sugar content and lower GI impact. There are a lot of wonderful spices and flavors as well as grain alternatives that can add to the taste when you decrease sugar or carbohydrate in a recipe.

However, you must replace the sugar with something similar or it can change the structure of the product and how ingredients work together to give a specific type of consistency and flavor to the item. Currently, we have a lot of options for sugar substitution on the market. Again, some of them work well and are a 1:1 exchange with real sugar while others require a bit of portion and recipe adjustment.

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I have tried a lot of different sugar substitutes over the years, most of which I didn’t like and as I learned more about the products, I didn’t favor those that were entirely chemically made with ingredients that I couldn’t read. Many of the older options didn’t work well for flavor (at least to my tastebuds) and had an undesirable impact in my digestive system. Thankfully we now have some good options for substitution that work pretty much like sugar and have little to no impact on blood glucose. Substitutes for recipes as well as for prepackaged sweet treats abound.

I was recently able to sample a fair number of the products from RxSugar.

I am always a bit leery about how these are going to impact my blood glucose as well as how my digestive system is going to feel after eating products with these alternatives in them. I also pay close attention to the added ingredients in products and try to avoid added colors/dyes and ingredients that I can’t read.

In trying the RxSugar products, I came away with very positive impression. With limited ingredients, no added dyes, and the sugar replacement of Allulose these products are overall a win when you want the occasional treat, in my opinion.


As I am always willing to be my own guinea pig and experiment – I first gave a try to the Swealthy Snax.

Something similar in my mind to a small candy bar and available in several flavors (Chocolate, Caramel, Mint Brownie, and Vanilla Creme). While I wouldn’t consider any of them to be a replacement for real food for a snack, they hit the mark when you are in the mood for a sweet treat. My experiment was to NOT bolus at all for the bar and evaluate the aftermath.

Now, I do wear an AID DIY insulin pump and while I didn’t cover the treat with a bolus, I did pay attention to what my system was doing for the few hours after eating it. I made sure I had no remaining impact from my earlier lunch and then ate the bar in the afternoon when I was working in my office – so mostly sedentary outside of standing at my desk. Barely a nudge up in BG and no real action taken by my AID system to offset any impact. This was a huge win for a first try but remember YDMV!

On to my next product – The Syrups.

RxSugar has really made a variety of flavors for many different flavored syrup replacement purposes. I tried the hazelnut in my coffee – mild flavor and not at all too sweet like many of the sugar-free syrup options that are now on the market. The chocolate syrup is a win for my kids, and I also tried it in coffee to make a mocha which was perfect. On weekends I sometimes make lower carb pancakes and was able to try the pancake syrup – again a yummy success and a flavor win with my kids.

I also tried the Swealthy Stix.

When I first saw these, I thought they were another powdered flavor option to add to water. Not the case – for those of you who liked the old “Pixy Stix”, the Swealthy Stix are the no sugar alternative. I didn’t love the sugar-laden option even as a kid, so instead of dumping the packet of RxSugar Stix into my mouth, I tried adding it to my water with lemon juice. I used the Lemon Lime flavor and was impressed that it provided a nice light lemonade-type flavor. While I used it differently, the lack of impact on my BG was the same as the other products.

I have not used a large portion at any one time but have also not bolused at all for any of these and have not seen any outside of the norm BG levels after use.

This is not to say that everyone will have this same result. YDMV of course, but I would expect that the impact from this would be much lower than you’d see from real sugar-containing treats.

RxSugar is a company that is working hard to provide an alternative to sugar-laden treats that have worked our way into day-to-day intake. We have so much to pay attention to in our life with diabetes, adding a tasty treat that we don’t have to beat down with a load of extra insulin or medication is nice to have as an option.

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