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Pros & Cons of the Tandem t:slim X2 w/Control IQ Insulin Pumps

Our Review

reveiw of the tslim X2 with control-IQ

  • Unique Advantages: Pros

    • Software/features updatable through download from website
    • Built-in algorithm automatically adjusts basal & administers correction boluses based on CGM data trends
    • Bright, full-color touch screen
    • Modern, high-tech appearance
    • Compact, thin dimensions
    • Rapid number entry/fastest bolus entry
    • 2-Way Bluetooth (X2) allows full integration with multiple devices, including smartphones & CGM
    • Displays data from Dexcom CGM
    • Charges; No disposable batteries
    • Can calculate boluses up to 50 units
    • Site-change reminder w/customizable day & time
    • Graphic on-screen history display
    • Carb counting calculator
    • Temp basal up to 250%, 72 hrs
    • IOB & time remaining displayed on home screen
    • Missed bolus reminders customizable by day of the week
    • Alert for high temperatures
    • Secondary “profiles” for unique basal and bolus dosing
    • Limited unintended insulin movement with changes in pump position
  • Potential Drawbacks: CONS

    • Small buttons can be difficult to activate; screen goes blank if buttons missed 3x
    • Unlock procedure required to perform any programming
    • No attached clip (must put in a case that has a clip)
    • Tubing connector looks “medical,” can snag on clothing
    • Basal & bolus settings in same time slots; may take extra steps to edit
    • Extra confirmation steps with all programming
    • Weak vibrate mechanism
    • No meter link
    • Requires charging 1-2x/week
    • Lengthy tube priming procedure
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