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Register for the type 1 diabetes and wellness retreat!

The deadline is approaching to register for the type 1 diabetes and wellness retreat where our clinician, Kathryn Gentile, will be the diabetes educator in attendance! 

At the retreat, you’ll learn about carb counting and glycemic index, bolus timing, basal testing, hypoglycemia prevention and treatment, as well as how to make adjustments for exercise, stress, sick days, and more. Additionally, Sherry Hill, a registered nurse, will be attending as a yoga instructor and will show you how to utilize yoga, meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness to quiet our minds and calm our nervous system.

Please join the Facebook group for updates, support, and to meet our participants and leaders: https://www.facebook.com/groups/type1diabetesretreats/

View a flyer for our retreat

Find all the details here and Register by April 18th:

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