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Recovering From COVID-19 With Diabetes

A very special client of ours, Deepak Malhotra, 44, recently recovered from a mild case of the coronavirus. He has lived with type 1 diabetes for 25 years and has been working with IDS for 7.

Deepak lives in Dubai and is a father of 2 girls and is a businessman. He enjoys traveling, yoga, and going to the gym. Prior to contracting COVID-19, Deepak traveled to Madrid and India and assumed he contracted it during time spent in one of those locations.

Deepak’s main symptom was extreme fatigue. He did not have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. After testing positive he had to contact everyone he had been around and inform them to get tested, all in which came back negative. Deepak said he believes this is because they were practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and following the government’s guidelines.

Following his positive test, he was quarantined in the hospital for 16 days. If any nurses or doctors came into his room, they had to be dressed in a full hazmat suit. In order to be released, he was required to have three negative tests in a row.

Deepak manages his diabetes very well with loop and afrezza. He was able to utilize all of his tools in the hospital which his wife brought in for him. “My supplies had to be dropped off outside my room, nobody could come in.” he said. Throughout most of Deepak’s hospital stay he ran a basal increase of 60%. When that began to go down he knew he was recovering. Additionally, he followed normal sick day guidelines which he learned from the Integrated Diabetes clinicians.

He was also very grateful for loop and all he’s learned from Gary. Deepak did experience several hours with a red loop which he assumes was due to all of the hospital equipment around him.

“Follow good hygiene, stay in, and if you get sick, follow normal sick day guidelines”

During his quarantine he maintained his mental health by following a daily routine which included things like talking to family on the phone, exercising, social media, watching netflix and ordering food to his door. “Routine is key,” he said. In addition, he made videos to log each day he spent in the hospital room. He emphasized that his case was likely mild due to the fact that he maintains good control of his blood sugars. “Follow good hygiene, stay in, and if you get sick, follow normal sick day guidelines,” he said. Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have a bad case of the virus if you contract it.

Deepak is still fatigued and is experiencing shortness of breath. Originally, he went straight back to work from home. He now has taken a step back to allow for more time to recover. “I do have some narrowing of the airways which isn’t uncommon after recovering from the virus”, he said.

Deepak’s overall message he wants people to take away is that if you have diabetes follow standard sick day management. Additionally, if you have good control and no other
complications, you should be ok and have a full recovery just as any other young, healthy person is expected to. But, just because you are likely to recover doesn’t mean it’s ok to go out. He urges people to follow the government’s guidelines so that we can get past this difficult period.

We’re glad that Deepak was able to return home to his family and share his experience with us. For extra precaution, he is still distancing from others in his home. We do not know much about the virus yet and taking every precaution is the best thing we can do.

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Additionally, if you would like help with your diabetes management give our office a call to set up an appointment at (610)642-6055 or email info@integrateddiabetes.com.

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