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Recently, I traveled for the first time out of the country and into Costa Rica to lead the diabetes education portion of a type 1 diabetes education and wellness retreat.

The phrase “pura vida” is used very often in Costa Rica and very much tells of how life felt while there. In English, pura vida translates to “pure life”. Costa Ricans seek to focus on the meaningful things in life and live simply (understated).

Working at Integrated Diabetes Services has led me to so many incredible people that I care about so much. Gina, the incredible person who organized the retreat, was one of our amazing clients who met with Tavia. She asked Tavia to lead the diabetes education for the retreat. Fortunately for me, Tavia was unable to attend and she connected Gina to me. Gina also found an incredible nurse and yoga instructor named Sherry to come along. The planning all felt a bit unreal and it never really registered that I was going to Costa Rica until I was there. Upon arrival, I had no idea what an incredibly life-changing experience I was in store for.

The following day, the participants began to arrive. Over the next 6 days, we ate together, did yoga, went on hikes, did lots of diabetes education, and more. Most of all, we made a connection that is indescribable. Many attendees used the word “transformative”. It was so incredible to see Gina’s vision take place, better than we ever could have imagined. The group consisted of all women, some that were newly diagnosed, and some that were many years into life with diabetes. I truly believe we all need a diabetes team and community. The love and friendships I saw form between the women there is something I will hold onto forever.

With the success and joy shared from this retreat – we’ve all eagerly decided to continue holding them. If you want to stay in the loop of where they will be held and see what some of the ladies have shared from their experience, join our Facebook page

Pura Vida friends! :)

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