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Gary ScheinerChildren’s Care:

After School: Tune in or Tone Up? (kids & exercise): Diabetes Forecast, 1995
Diabetes Prevention Starts in Childhood: Kid Fit Health & Wellness Guide, 2006
Top 10 Techniques for Caring for Kids with Diabetes: Diabetes Self-Management, 2009

Continuous Glucose Monitoring:

The Great CGM Debate – Which System Reigns Supreme? diatribe.us 2011
Downsizing the Downsides of CGM (overcoming the drawbacks): diatribe.us 2011
CGM: Ready for a Second Look? diatribe.us 2009
Beyond the Numbers: Continuous Monitors Offer Much More than Blood Glucose Readings: diatribe.us 2009
Lighten Your Lows with CGM (hypoglycemia risk reduction): Review of Endocrinology, 2008
Data, Data Everywhere – How to analyze, interpret and apply information from continuous glucose monitors: Diabetes Self-Management, 2008
CGMs: What Good Are Thems? Medtronic e-news, 2007


Fitness the New-Fangled Way (exergaming): Diabetes Health, 2011
Exercise During Pregnancy With Diabetes: www.diabetessisters.org 2010
Dealing With D’OH! (preventing delayed-onset hypoglycemia after exercise): The Challenge, 2009
Surprise! It’s A Rise – Some forms of exercise can make blood sugar go up: The Challenge, 2009
Taking the “Ex” Out of Exercise (motivational strategies for consumers):  Review of Endocrinology, 2008
Diabetes and Exercise: The Great Blood Sugar Balancing Act:  Diabetes Self-Management, 2006
The Great Diabetic Nosedive (preventing hypoglycemia during exercise): Diabetes Forecast, 1997
After School: Tune in or Tone Up? (kids & exercise): Diabetes Forecast, 1995

General Diabetes Topics:

Exorcising the Specter of Nighttime Hypoglycemia: Diabetes Self Management, 2011
Ketones, Shmeetones: Diabetes Health, 2011
The Great Lancet Debate: Diabetes Health, 2011
The Lowdown on Downloading. (what to do with meter downloads): Diabetes Health, 2011
What’s Your Mag1c Number? (setting an appropriate target BG): Diabetes Health, 2011
Strike the Spike (managing post-meal high blood sugar): Diabetes Self-Management, 2010
Triple Your Pleasure (Three pancreatic hormones for closing the loop): diatribe.us 2010
Time Wisely Spent (making doctor visits more productive): diatribe.us 2009
Wrestling with Retinopathy:BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2008
The True Benefits of Tight Control: Medtronic Diabetes e-news, 2008
Making the Most of Meter Data: DiabeteSource, 2008
Options A-Plenty for Easing Painful Neuropathy: BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2007
You, Yourself and Diabetes: Overcoming the Challenges of Living Alone: BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2007
Two Television Stars, Two Types of Diabetes: Diabetes Self-Management, 2007
Finding Relief (financial aid programs to offset the cost of diabetes care): BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2007
Take a BITE Out of Hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia prevention): Diabetes Self-Management, 2005

For Healthcare Professionals:

The Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Management of Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes: Chapter co-authored with Dr. Stanley Schwartz in Evidence-Based Management of Diabetes, 2012
Exercise and Pump Therapy: Chapter for the ADA book, Putting Your Patients On the Pump, 2012
Taking the “Ex” Out of Exercise (motivational strategies for clinicians) Review of Endocrinology, 2008
Diabetes and Limited Joint Mobility: Review of Endocrinology, 2008
Who’s In YOUR Rolodex? (benefits of referring to CDEs): Review of Endocrinology, 2007
Eating Disorders in Women With Type-1 Diabetes: Review of Endocrinology, 2007
The Tools They Are A-Changin’: Review of Endocrinology, 2007
You Can Lead Your Patients to Pills, But Can You Make Them Walk? Review of Endocrinology, 2007
Diabetes and Vascular Disease: Merck dyslipidemia monograph, 1997

Insulin Therapy

The 4-1-1 on IOB (understanding insulin on board calculations): www.diatribe.us, 2010
Basal Insulin: The Foundation of Good Control: Going Forward, 2010
Type 2s: Time For Insulin? Voice of the Diabetic, 2010
Injection Aids To the Rescue! BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2007
Insulin-To-Carb Ratios Made Easy: www.healthcentral.com, 2007
Fight the Phobia! Fear of Needles Can Be Conquered: BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2007
Insulin & Weight Gain: Does Tighter Control Make You Loosen Your Belt? BD.com Diabetes Learning Center, 2006
A Consumer’s Guide to Selecting an Insulin Program: Diabetes Self-Management, 2003

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