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Promoting Your Babies’ Well-being: The Relationship Between Pregnancy and Exercise

Pregnancy is something that I’ve been thinking more and more about lately for a number of reasons. One being, that here at IDS, we’re expanding our pregnancy with diabetes retainer to include more physical activity recommendations as we see this as one of the most important aspects.

Jennifer Smith works with all of our pregnancy clients currently. Beginning soon, all pregnancy clients will also meet me for guidance in daily movement and adjustments.

During my undergraduate studies, I learned for the first time how impactful maternal health during gestation is on her child’s health and development. In life, I’ve always looked forward to being a mom one day and so this point was a serious motivator. I also knew that this information could do the same for many other women struggling to find motivation.

As a recent blog published by ACSM points out, the current worldwide rates of sedentary behavior during pregnancy are worrying: Globally, barely 20% of pregnant women are sufficiently active to meet the current physical activity guidelines for health during pregnancy.

pregnancy. and exercise

Here are some benefits of being active before, during, and after pregnancy:

  • Decreased risk of pregnancy complications
  • Reduced risk of anxiety and depression
  • Reduction in pain
  • Faster post-pregnancy recovery
  • Improved circulation
  • Stress relief
  • And more

Physical activity during pregnancy is incredibly beneficial for both the mother and baby even through to adulthood. Additionally, specifically for people with diabetes, it can greatly help with insulin resistance that occurs throughout much of pregnancy.

We know how challenging juggling life with diabetes alone is and adding something so complex to it introduces a whole new challenge. In working with our team, you have an intensive approach to help you work through all the challenges and changes pre, during, and postpartum. Give us a call at 610-642-6055 or email info@integrateddiabetes.com to schedule with us.

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