Out Muscle Diabetes Personal Training Program
kathryn gentile

Kathryn Gentile, ACSM-CEP, EIM II, CPT, CSNC, DCES

Personal Training with a Diabetes Specialist, Kathryn Gentile

Around the beginning of the covid pandemic, I began training some IDS clients virtually. For some, I sent workout programs via text or email. Others, I met with on zoom to work together over video.

Not only do I live with type 1 diabetes, but my undergraduate, master’s degree, and several certifications focus on clinical exercise prescription. I believe my educational background and personal life with T1D provides a level of comfort that is difficult to find. Not only can I prepare you for how the workout we’re doing will likely impact your blood sugar, but I am also going to ask where you are and provide tips to stay in range throughout.

Physical activity should be enjoyable and that’s always my goal. When we work together one-on-one I can see how you are responding to the programming and adapt it to keep you on board and help you achieve your goals.

After the success we have seen from the exercise consultations, we have decided to make it an official service offered by IDS. If you’re interested please email kgentile@integrateddiabetes.com or give the office a call at 610-642-6055 to get started.

The new service options will be as follows: 

  • Exercise and diabetes management consultation, 30 minutes
  • Exercise and diabetes management consultation, 60 minutes 
  • 4 consecutive weeks of zoom exercise sessions – 1x a week
  • 4 consecutive weeks of zoom exercise sessions – 2x a week
  • 4 consecutive weeks of online (email/text) exercise programming

Prior to all sessions, I will ask you to fill out an exercise and goal-specific questionnaire. The 30 and 60-minute single consultations would include a warm-up, short exercise session and cool-down. These would be ideal for someone looking to train at an in-person setting but wanting guidance on proper exercise form, glucose management during or not quite ready to commit to an exercise regimen.

The 4 consecutive weeks will be 60-minute sessions either once or twice a week. Goal setting, form evaluation, glucose management tips pre, during and after exercise will be included.

For the online option, clients will be sent a weekly exercise regimen to follow. This will be based on current fitness level and goals. A person that goes with this option will be able to reach out via email or text with questions relating to the workout and send videos to ensure safety and proper form.

In addition to this, I do hold a bi-weekly group exercise class over zoom. This is included in our Weigh to be You retainer package or you can sign up here.