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ids diabetes programs and classes

At a recent diabetes conference, EASD, recent research was presented showing that low muscle mass significantly increased the risk for cardiovascular and death in people with diabetes. This was independent of glycemic control and other diabetes-related complications.

Physical activity is undeniably important but it presents as a challenge for many people with diabetes. Glycemic management can be difficult with the adjustments it requires. Plus, most people and even trainers do not know how to help.

I saw that there was a need for an environment where people with diabetes could come and feel safe to exercise and also be surrounded by others that “got it”. About 3 years ago, I started a group exercise class called “Out Muscle Diabetes” that meets twice a week on Zoom. For the entire time I have been leading it, I have had 3 incredible people who show up to nearly every class. It has been amazing watching the progress and all of us create a bond.

We would love to share this with more people with diabetes.


Here are some of the benefits that make the class stand out:

  • Everyone lives with diabetes, myself included
  • Workouts are sent in advance to help you make adjustments
  • We check blood sugars together during class
  • There are always multiple modifications for each exercise done to accommodate all fitness levels

Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6pm EST on Zoom.

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