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Integrated Diabetes Services: Our reviews and client testimonials

I have had a few calls with (your nurse) Alicia about my (teenage) daughter Morgan. I wanted you to know that the professionalism and optimism that I have encountered with Alicia has been remarkable. Alicia has a great way with her! We’ve made a few small modifications that have been helpful. Last week, Morgan had her endo check and her a1c went up slightly. Alicia responded quickly, encouraged me and scheduled a call within 24 hours. She gave me direct and simple changes to make, suggestions about how to best utilize her pump/sensor, and good perspective. I appreciate her kindness. I appreciate her knowledge. And I appreciate her good humor.
Thank you for being the tremendous resource that you are!

~ Kris Rogerson, mom of Morgan, New Hope, PA, USA

Let me start by saying how excited I am to be working with you next Friday. After reading Think Like a Pancreas I knew I needed to contact Integrated Diabetes, but after hearing you on the Juicebox Podcast, I emailed your office the next day!

~ Kristie (and daughter Mackenzie)

My name is Leela and I am currently on a 3-month retainer.
I am writing to tell you how helpful you are!  Your team is knowledgeable, kind and considerate. You are very responsive to emails and answers my questions in a clear, professional and friendly manner. Knowing that I can reach out whenever I need to has propelled me to want to take the next step in upping my diabetes game.
This is so worth the money!

~ Leela Kausch, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

You guys rock! And not just because you quote my favorite band Rush in your blog. You are by far the best Type 1 care providers I have experienced in my 37+ years with the condition.

~ Ross Weiner, Madison, NJ, USA

Our winter vacation has been so much more manageable than in years past. Tears of joy and relief! I’m sure you hear this a lot, but you have changed our whole family’s lives… not just Ryan’s. My one regret is that we waited two years to reach out for help when things could have been so much better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

~ Lara Wanuck (mom of Ryan, age 10), Jupiter, FL, USA

I want to thank you and all your team who have supported us week after week tweaking settings and helping us stay away from diabetes burnout.
You have done so much more for our education and sanity than any other doctor, nurse, educator or support group has done in the past four years of diagnosis. Rest assured, you will have us as clients until you retire!

~ Pilar Gomez, mom of Hannah (age 11), Costa del Este, Panama

I have been a video chat client, receiving IDS services from my home in Michigan. I appreciate IDS so much! In addition to our video appointments, your newsletter, tweets and FB posts make me feel like I’m right in the room and connected with your Philadelphia crew. I always learn something new and useful. Thank you for all you do for the diabetes community.

~ Leela Kausch, LMSW, Ann Arbor, MI (USA)

Your team listened really well. I didn’t have to repeat things, and you moved at my pace, which I really appreciated. I felt like you got to know me and my goals and helped me accomplish those goals. I’m sure you already know this, but you have a great staff! Just wanted you to hear that from a clients perspective.

~ Sandi Hester, Whites Creek, TN (USA)

Just wanted to say thanks for what you and your team does. I worked with you for three month earlier this year with a goal of hitting a 6.5% A1c (I had been above 7 for years). Went to the lab last Friday and hit 6.5! I’m thinking 6.3 next time 🙂

~ Dave Rankin, Maineville, OH (USA)

Jenny, I want to thank you for helping to guide us through some tough D1 terrain these past few years. This disease, compounded with the challenges of adolescence, has been made easier and safer with your thoughtful and sensitive intervention. Although you are a brilliant CDE, capable of making complex management understandable, there is so much about your work that has nothing to do with the physical condition and so much to do with psychology, family dynamics, encouragement, building trust and calming nerves. You do all of it with professionalism and warmth. Thank you for being such a gift to our family, Jenny.

~ Dawne Hess Barnes, Mom of college student Erik, Princeton, NJ

Just a quick note to thank you for being real with me, but not hard on me.  Your honest responses are encouraging without dismissing my accountability. You’re making a big difference in how I live with and manage this disease.  It really helps to have someone on my team who lives with it too. Thanks for being my diabetes educator!

~ Anita Worthen, Orem, UT

I meant to tell you, Patrick earned an A in math this semester.  He is seeing more success with his grades now that his blood sugars are more in-range.  He even told me he can lift more weight when he works out.  That’s huge for him to notice.. and to verbalize it!

~ Julia Carlson (proud mom of Patrick),  Davidson, NC

I know I am still working to get better, but I am SO HAPPY with the improvement!
I can’t thank you enough for all your help, I am losing the fear and feeling more confident in taking the right amounts of insulin and eating a healthy amount of carbs. Looking forward to learning more and more from you!

~ Mila Kurtz, Des Plaines, IL

Thanks again for the Skype call today and for all your help.  We really have come a long way since Cate’s a1c was 8… now down to 6!  You were the catalyst that helped us back to a new normal and you’ve been with us every step of the way since.  I am super grateful!  Diabetes may never be easy, but having the tools to successfully navigate a life without a pancreas is worth its weight in gold.

~ Heidi Nelson (mom of Cate), Smithfield, UT

I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me these past several years. I look back at what me and my husband have overcome and the knowledge I now have to handle all the different scenarios. I feel more empowered to live with less restrictions from my diabetes. You always find the silver lining. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Danyelle Lupkey, Conway, Arizona

Two words best summarize what working with Integrated Diabetes has been for me –  GAME CHANGER.

This has been a challenging year for me but with your help I have managed to control my diabetes and still focus on my career and family.  Being recently nominated as one of the 100 people in the staffing industry has been a huge honor for me,  but considering that it came after acquiring diabetes makes it even more special.  Thanks for all you do for me.

~ Conor Smith, Fort Washington, PA

Yep… No matter where you go, IDS is there for support. So thankful to you all, especially Lisa McNulty, who has provide such amazing support and knowledge to our family.

~ Julie Horan, Bratenahl, OH

Great support from Integrated Diabetes. I live in New Zealand and have contact, mainly with Gary, for the last five years. Skyping and emailing works easily. The help I get is professional, fast and accurate – these people know what they’re talking about!

~ Amanda Los, New Zealand

Gary and his team walked us through our daughter’s first insulin pump over Skype. The time zones were tricky but the training was excellent. He’s still our go-to guy when we need something. Jennifer and the the rest of the team are first class. Go remote!

~ Shawn Krause, Hong Kong, China

First time since I’ve started using a sensor that I’ve had a 24-hour period without any highs or lows.  Hopefully the first of many 24-hour periods like this.  Thanks to IDS for the coaching and support to make it happen, and thanks to mom and dad for encouraging me to use the sensor and work with Integrated Diabetes Services!

~ Sam W., Durham, NC

Thank you for everything!  I’ve gotten more help from you in 3 months than my 5 doctors gave me in 7 years.  Its a comfort to me that I can reach out to you any time I need to.

~ Sandra Place, Pottstown, PA

Molly had a great trip playing basketball. She used your advice about temp basal decreases and increases and she took care of herself very well. Not saying there weren’t highs and lows, but she dealt with them maturely. I wanted to thank you because our success is due to your help.

~ Barb, mom of Molly, age 14, Burton, OH

After having difficulty finding help locally, I put a post on a TuDiabetes.org forum, and immediately people wrote on there to contact Integrated Diabetes. And I’m so happy I did! You call me back right away, and our control has been so much better. I can’t wait to get another A1c and see how awesome it is! Thanks ONE TRILLION!

~ Sarah Fredlund (mom of Corinne), Butte, Montana

I wanted to thank you and your team for the support and the assistance to properly take care of my son’s diabetes. The information you shared with me was valuable and we did a big transformation when we changed the treatment plan. My son is doing just fine for the past 4 weeks, his BG readings are in much better control.

~ Bander Alghafees, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dear Jenny, today we had our Endo appointment and Rebecca’s A1C was 8.5! Since Rebecca can be so high at times, for us it is the BEST A1C EVER…in her 5 years with diabetes and after all the troubles we went through in the last 6 months with school it is almost a miracle that is has come down. A big part of the credit is to you…because you help me! You understand me and Rebecca …you support me…you cheer me up! You are stuck with us forever! Ciao!

~ Silvia and Rebecca

I am so grateful to you and your team.  I see Vasili’s control getting better and better.  He was just zinging around with so much more energy this past week… just like a regular kid.  You guys are amazing!

~ Ruth Hrebinka (mom of Vasili), Springfield, VA

The education I received from Integrated Diabetes Services is priceless.  For my money, it’s the best way to get quality, up-to-date information and guidance.

~ Kali Moule (mom of Avery), Saskatchewan, Canada

I cannot thank you enough for your support.  It really has been a wild ride, but you have kept me sane, kept me from pulling my hair out, and kept me from crying my eyes out.  I appreciate all of your input and suggestions.  My husband and I are forever grateful for helping my little Livvy.

~ Danielle (mom of Olivia, age 3), Florida

Thank you SO MUCH for getting me through 3 successful pregnancies which have given me 3 beautiful girls! Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without your guidance.

~ Dianna O’Connell, Wayne, PA

You are one of few people I know who understands athletics, and one of even fewer who understands the role diabetes plays.  You helped me reach a level of control where I had no problem competing at the high level I had reached before diabetes. More importantly, you made me realize that there is no reason that diabetes should slow me down!”  <strong>

~Caitlin Orr, Mount Laurel, NJ (New Jersey 1600m state champion All American Relay team member)

You guys helped me with my blood sugar control in ways that I didn’t even know existed.  Disconnecting the pump for a little while before game time solved my first inning lows.  After we got my basal rates and boluses squared away, my performance on the field went way up.  I felt better, and it prepared me better mentally because I didn’t have to worry so much about getting low or going too high.  Staying in control all day long, all week long, all month long, has been a huge help to my athletic career.

~ Ryan Costello, Marlton, NJ (AA &amp; Arizona Fall League starting pitcher, Brewers’ organization)

When I first started with Gary and his team, I told them how frustrated I was because I couldn’t get my a1c down into a decent range using my insulin pump.  They assured me that with some work, I could do it.  Three months (and lots of “tweaking” of basals and boluses) later, it paid off!  My a1c came down a full point, and I finally have the skills and confidence I need to get it down even further.

~ Gina Capone, New York (TheDiabetesResource.com)

Gary, You got a complement from my endo this morning.  He said I am his star insulin pump user, that none of his other patients knows how to use the pump as well as I do.  I told him I wasn’t born knowing all that, of course I learned it from you, your book and your staff!

~ Shuli Ben-Joseph, Hadera, Israel

I learned more about my managing my diabetes in one hour’s conversation with you than in the prior 18 months with my doctor.  Maybe I can learn to live with this disease after all!

~Ron Allan, Akron, OH

This weekend was Cate’s debut in the Spring Ice Show.  She skated in a Cinco de Mayo number and had a fabulous time.  The practices, performances and downtime never would have been possible without the great education you have given Cate and I.  Her blood sugars were 100 to 170 the whole time.  It’s great to know that she can do whatever she wants! Thanks for all you have done for Cate!

~ Heidi (Cate’s mom)

I just had my first phone consultation, and came out of the session believing that tighter control is possible.  They focused on my areas of difficulty and immediately provided useful instruction.  This is the kind of education I’ve been looking for.  I haven’t been this motivated in a long time!

~ Hirsch Meisels, Spring Valley, NY

I was really pulling my hair out with frustration when I went on the web a few years ago and searched for “Diabetes Educators”.  I am very thankful we found Integrated Diabetes.  Your team is the best!  You are clearly experts in the field and I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

~ Jackie Flood, Philadelphia, PA

The CDEs at Integrated Diabetes ask the right questions.  Their suggestions go beyond the usual “are you counting carbs right” or “are you taking your insulin”.  They were specific and effective.  Most importantly, they made me feel that they care.  I was a bit concerned about the phone format at first, but their phone manner, personality and organization make it quite easy.

~ Charlotte Neustadter, Brooklyn, NY

I cannot say enough about Integrated Diabetes!  Because most of their staff has diabetes, they have an out-of-the-box approach and fun ways to handle problems.  I cannot tell you how much easier they have made “living with diabetes”

~ Ann Bartlett, Alexandria, VA

Integrated Diabetes has given me the most detailed and useful tips for managing blood sugar with an insulin pump that I’ve encountered since my diagnosis seven years ago. It’s the kind of information that some people with diabetes spend a lifetime struggling to discover on their own!

~Amy Tenderich, Millbrae, CA (Founder of www.diabetesmine.com)

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