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Voice your opinion and answer our Integrated Diabetes Services monthly survey

In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we wanted to know which approach to healthcare you believe has the best chance for success:

A. Status-Quo.  Continue the current combination of private (employer) and government-sponsored insurance programs.

B  Free-Market.  Allow private insurers to offer a variety of options so that consumers can pick & pay to meet their individual needs.

C. Single-Payer.  Have the government create a universal plan and provide health insurance for all citizens, paid for through taxes.

The results, like our readers, were quite mixed.  Here’s what you said:

september 2017 survey results


This month, we would like to know about the approach you prefer to use for determining your mealtime insulin doses, aka “boluses”:

A. I just take the same doses each day (the “flat dose” approach)

B. I base the dose on grams of carbohydrate (the “carb counting” approach)

C. I consider fat, protein and carbs to come up with a dose (the “all nutrients” approach)

D. I come up with a dose that just feels right (the “W.A.G.” approach)

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