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Voice your opinion and answer our Integrated Diabetes Services monthly survey

In last month’s edition of Diabetes Bites we asked about the approach you prefer to use for determining your mealtime insulin doses, aka “boluses”:

A. I just take the same doses each day (the “flat dose” approach)

B. I base the dose on grams of carbohydrate (the “carb counting” approach)

C. I consider fat, protein and carbs to come up with a dose (the “all nutrients” approach)

D. I come up with a dose that just feels right (the “W.A.G.” approach)

The results show that carb counting still rules, but more people are taking fat & protein into account:

October Survey Results

This month, we would like your thoughts about a new CGM system: 

The Eversense XL from Senseonics.  This system features a pill-sized IMPLANTED sensor (inserted in the back of the arm) that lasts up to 90 days.  The user wears a rechargeable transmitter on the skin surface. The removable transmitter sends real-time glucose readings and trending information to a smartphone. 

What do you think of this concept – a long-term minor surgical insertion vs changing a traditional sensor every 1-2 weeks?

A. I want it.  Now. 

B. Sounds interesting.  I might consider it after others give it a try.

C. It has to be “implanted” every three months?  Keep it away! 

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