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Integrated Diabetes Services

Options for Animas Pump Users

It should come as no surprise that Animas recently announced that it has discontinued sales of its insulin pumps in North America and is effectively “shutting down.”

After all, Animas’ parent company, Johnson & Johnson, stated at a recent investors’ meeting that it is looking to phase out of the diabetes field (J&J is also in the business of BG meters, diabetes drugs, and professional education).  Animas has long been recognized for outstanding people with tremendous commitment to the diabetes community, so please join us in wishing them a successful transition in their new endeavors.

The loss of Animas leaves three main players in the insulin pump market:  Medtronic, Insulet and Tandem, with Roche also having a significant presence in Europe.  All are eager to step in and scoop up the business that Animas has left behind, which is good news for Animas customers.  But Animas pump users should not feel pressured to do anything right away:  J&J will continue to provide in-warranty support through September 2019 (customer service, supplies, replacements for damaged pumps) via an agreement with Medtronic.

Animas pump users should not feel pressured to do anything right away.  Take your time to consider your options.

Take your time to consider your options and make a decision that is in your best interests from a financial and quality-of-diabetes-life standpoint. 

MEDTRONIC has stepped in to provide both supplies and customer support for Animas pump users.  If your Animas pump warranty expires on or after 9/30/2019, Medtronic can provide a 630G pump (which, by the way, is not their most up-to-date system) at no cost.  This offer will go into effect in the spring of 2018.  Call 877-937-7867 for more information.

INSULET (OmniPod) is making their PDM/programmer available free of charge and will provide a complimentary box of 10 pods to Animas pump users.  The offer is open until the end of 2017, but only for those with private insurance.  Call 800-591-3455 for more information.

TANDEM is making the t:slim X2 pump available to current Animas pump users for a one-time fee of $999.  The payment can be applied to the purchase of a new Tandem pump and/or supplies at the end of the current Animas pump warranty.  Call 877-801-6901 for more information.

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