A Note From Gary

I’m writing to you as a person with diabetes or a loved one who I know is concerned with making sure that new diabetes technology is approved, covered and utilized to their fullest capacity by the most people.

You may likely be aware that FDA is holding a hearing on 7/21 to explore the approval of Dexcom’s G5 for use without adjunctive BG monitoring for insulin dosing. Many in the type 1 diabetes community and community at large are working to get as many letters of support on this topic to FDA by the end of this week. Two orgs, Close Concern and Diabetes PAC, are promoting letter writing campaigns and trying to get to a count of 5K letters to FDA to prove to FDA the diabetes community wants this/can be motivated to act.

Would you be willing to write a letter to FDA?

Here are links to the two key letters being circulated among the community:



Let’s show the FDA that the type-1 diabetes community is powerful and unified on this subject.

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