Integrated Diabetes Services

New Nurse In The House

Integrated Diabetes Services is excited to announce the addition of Alicia Downs RN, BSN, CDE to our clinical team.  Alicia will oversee IDS’s patient care and education services through our main office in Wynnewood, PA.

“It feels great to be in a place where I can apply what I’ve learned over the years and make a real difference in people’s lives”

About Alicia

alicia downsAlicia is a graduate of the Cecil College School of Nursing and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University (where she is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in nursing with a specialty in education).  One of her passions is advocating for the needs of her patients, whether it be in overcoming insurance restrictions, obtaining community resources, or coordinating with school systems and medical providers.

“In this day and age, everyone with diabetes deserves professional & passionate care, treatment and education,” professes Alicia.

Alicia manages her diabetes with an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor.  Her rocky road included years of mis-diagnoses and ineffective treatments during her college years.  That experience gave Alicia the incentive to take the lead in her own health care and educate those around her.

After years as a director of a childcare center, Alicia made the career leap into nursing with the goal of becoming a diabetes educator.  Alicia’s diverse nursing career has given her experience with a broad range of clients and a variety of health conditions in addition to diabetes.  Her life has included many unique medical challenges including multiple auto-immune diagnoses and orthopedic conditions.  However, Alicia chooses to view these as opportunities to grow stronger rather than as barriers, and applies this approach to her clinical practice.

Alicia’s talents and passions are not restricted to diabetes education.  She is a regular performer on stage/film projects and with local bands.  As an award winning steampunk and cos-play designer, she enjoys building costumes and fashion pieces for her husband Tim and son Asher.  Alicia and Tim also share black belt martial arts training (Alicia holds a first-, and Tim a third-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do).  In more sedate moments, Alicia can be found curled up with a cup of tea, a good book and her dogs Billie and Wicket.