chronic hope

New Diabetes Book – Chronic Hope for Parents, by Bonnie O’Neill

I was no stranger to T1D when my son was diagnosed with the disease at age five. My sister has lived with T1D since she was sixteen years old, and my brother died as he was being diagnosed with the disease when he was just eight years old.

When my son was diagnosed with T1D, I was riddled with anger, fear, exhaustion, and even jealousy that could all too easily dissolve into self-pity. I struggled with guilt, knowing T1D had passed to my son through me. I discovered I had a deep need for control; yet control was more elusive now than ever before. While it’s my son who lives with type 1 diabetes, I discovered the disease also invaded me personally, and has forced me to dig deeper for strength than I ever needed to before. If you’re raising a child with T1D, I’m sure you can relate.

My forthcoming book, Chronic Hope, helps parents of children living with chronic disease gain practical wisdom for managing the emotional stress of raising a child with chronic illness so they can navigate these challenges with grace, courage, and love. Through story and reflection this book gently shares a model for navigating chronic disease by providing readers the tools necessary to process their emotional responses to the unexpected path ahead of them.

Gary Scheiner has written the Foreword to Chronic Hope, which is available now for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and will be released on April 13, 2021.