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My “Betes”

For those that know me, you probably know I’m a bit out there. I love to joke around and find fun in everything I do. Life is hard and I learned pretty quickly it’s never going to get easy. Thankfully, my long-time boyfriend has a similar approach to life and is almost as fun as I am. Early on in our relationship, about 4 years ago, he started referring to everything surrounding my personal blood sugars as my “betes” pronounced “beats”. I loved it and quickly started doing the same. Since then, it’s really begun to take off!

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Here are some common questions I get from others now: “How’s your betes”? “What’s your betes at”? “Is your betes behaving”?

And some common things you’ll hear from me:“My betes is acting up”. “My betes is being rude to me”. “My betes said no” “My betes is high”.

Everyone that comes to my group exercise class knows what I mean when I say “what’s your betes at”?! Brings me so much joy every time.

I know it’s just a word but mentally – it makes it more fun for me to talk about diabetes to other people. Why say blood sugar when you could say betes!!!??!! And yes – my “betes” is not at all perfect! Sometimes I need to practice what I preach.. ;)

What I’m hoping you can take away from this is we don’t always need to be serious. A lot of times when we seek perfection, we get so stressed out that it messes our betes up even more. We need to give ourselves grace in our long life with betes – it requires so much from us every single day. Try not to let it take you to the point of mental breakdown and always allow yourself to do the living part of life.

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