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Meet IDS patient Lucca Peranich.

His mom Cynthia Peranich, describes her experience with IDS

Q: What brought you to IDS?

A:  I remember when I called IDS. I was in tears, and so frustrated after failing to manage Lucca’s blood sugars. At the time, we were doing low carb, and I still couldn’t control his sugars. Each day got worse, and I was horrified around the mention of food. I heard about IDS through the Juicebox Podcast. When I called, I spoke with Nina, and for the first time since diagnosis, she gave me some hope. I felt relieved and I knew Nina understood what I was going through. She told me her son had Type 1 too.

Q: Who have you worked with at IDS?

A: We work with Kathryn and we are absolutely grateful for her. She has completely transformed our lives and has taught us so many critical things about managing T1D. I’ve also called her in tears and she has always been there for us. The amount of knowledge that Kathryn has is unbelievable. Whether it’s data analysis, writing code, nutrition, exercise or managing T1, she blows me away each time we meet. She has completely paved the way for a normal life for Lucca.

Q: What do you do in life that is easier or better since you’ve worked with IDS?

A: Everything! We even sleep at night. We’re no longer afraid to eat certain foods, go to birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinner or the trampoline park. We can go to a restaurant or have a cup of real hot chocolate. Even giving Lucca insulin is easier, since we can do it from the watch. We still have tough diabetes days, but instead of watching diabetes get out of control, we have strategies to keep it in check.

Q: What new skills /strengths have you been able to build in your diabetes management?

A:  Kathryn has taught us so much, but especially about the critical components of T1D management- basal settings, how insulin sensitivity works, carb ratios and how to look at our data to make changes. Not only that, but she has us on some of the best technology out there, and that makes T1D run in the background most days.

lucca outsideQ: What would you say to someone who’s struggling with their diabetes management right

A: Get some help!!! Diabetes is complex but there are people that do understand the rhyme and reason to it. There are things out there that can make your life easier and your doctor probably doesn’t know about it. I ALWAYS recommend IDS when I come across newly diagnosed patients. I also recommend the JuiceBox podcast, which has a lot of important information too. I don’t even want to think about where we would be without IDS.

Q: What are your hopes for diabetes management in the future?

A: I always hope for a cure, but we know how that goes. I hope that my son can independently and successfully manage his own diabetes as he gets older. I hope that outside of prebolusing, diabetes isn’t a hindrance to him. And I also hope that we will have even better tech in the future to make it easier and easier to manage.

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