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medtronic 770gMedtronic’s New 770G: What’s Really New?

A few months ago, Medtronic launched their new MiniMed 770G hybrid closed loop system as a replacement for the 670. 

To be perfectly honest, the 770 is a temporary transition for Medtronic, which hopes to launch their 780G and its more-aggressive hybrid closed-loop algorithm soon in the US (it is currently sold in Europe).  However, this may take a while, since Medtronic has yet to submit the 780G to the FDA, and even when they do, the FDA may take a while to get to it since they’re a bit tied up with covid-related projects.  Already, Medtronic is offering complimentary pump software upgrades to the 780 for those who purchase a 770 now.

So what’s new and improved about the 770G compared to the 670G? 

Obviously, the 770G must be 100 better.  100 What?  We’re not sure.  But at least 770G has Bluetooth connectivity – a first for a Medtronic pump.  They also removed some of the inconveniences inherent to the 670G, but took away a few features that some people liked.  Here’s a quick summary

Meaningful Improvements:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for automatic data transmission & sharing
    • No need to manually download data to Carelink
    • MiniMed Mobile app:  Provides status reports & glucose data/alerts for the user on their phone
    • Carelink Connect app:  Allows others to view pump status & data on their phone
  • Most pump-related alarms do not cause the system to exit AutoMode
  • Additional screen time-out options for preserving battery life
  • FDA-approved for ages 2 and up

A Few Steps Backward:

  • No longer links with the popular Ascensia Contour Next meter
    • Now links with AccuCheck Guide Link meter
    • Remote bolusing through the meter is no longer available
  • Less time permitted for entering fingerstick blood glucose readings when CGM integrity checks are needed (6 min vs 21 min)
  • No manual entry option for pairing pump with meter and CGM transmitter

There are a handful of other changes, but none that really matter – like removing the serial number from the back of the pump, changing button icons, and a few minor changes to the graph display.

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